Find answers to recurring questions

Q: Will my quiver mount to my particular bow / sight?

A: The quiver is designed to mount to the accessory holes in your sight. In most cases there while be no issues with getting it mounted up. To this date it has mounted to ever bow out there. Where you may run into issues with mounting it is to a movable sight that has the adjustment wheel / slide on the rear of the sight. To solve this issue you will need to purchase our Moveable Sight Bracket. This mounts between the sight and riser and allows for the regular mounting bracket on the quiver to me above the sight and further back toward the string. This will allow you to get your quiver in tight while still being able to adjust your sight.

Q: I have a dovetail mounting bracket with my sight. Will the quiver mount up with this?

A: Typically a TightSpot will mount up to a dovetail system with your sight. The issue you may run into is getting the quiver in as tight as you would like. If any, some of the dovetail bar may be sticking out to the rear of the sight you may lose clearance. We recommend shooting with the head of the sight as far forward as possible to allow for the tightest fit.

Q: Can the quiver be used both right and left handed?

A: The quiver is right or left handed specific and cannot be changed. This is due to the hood being permanently glued on, the locking lever position, and the direction of the quick draw arrow.

Q: I have a new bow with a new pattern can I change out just the hood on my old quiver to match?

A: No, unfortunately the hoods are permanently glued to the carbon rods.

Q: Can my previous years quiver be fitted with a new rubber insert?

A: Yes all previous years 5 arrow TightSpots can be retro fitted with a new rubber insert.

Q: Which direction should my mounting bracket face?

A: Most set ups should allow for the mounting bracket to face in towards the arrow shelf. For instance if you are a right handed shooter and you are holding your bow like you are going to shoot it, look at the back of your sight’s mounting bracket. The TightSpot mounting bracket’s dovetail will come behind the sight and be facing left or toward your left arm that is holding the bow. This allows for the tightest fit however may not be possible on all set ups.

Q: Will the TightSpot quiver hold my Easton Injections or Victory VAP’s?

A: Yes the TightSpot quiver will hold the micro diameter shafts. If your gripper has changed over time and you need additional gripping power, you can turn the wedges 90 degrees for added pressure.

Q: What cutting diameter broad head will your quiver hold?

A: Typically a 1 3/16” max diameter on 3 and 4 blade broadheads is the max that the TightSpot can fit in the hood.

Q: What is the best way to get my TightSpot mounted to help with balancing the bow.

A: Bow balance is going to be very individualized. There are a few recommendations that we make, but these are not set in stone. Use the vertical adjustment on the carbon rods to get your quiver inside of the profile of the bow and to keep the nocks above the lower cam. Mount the quiver in as tight as possible without having clearance issues. SHOOT WITH YOUR QUIVER ON AND FULL OF ARROWS! If you do the last step and use all of the adjustment in the quiver you will be able to fine tune the quiver to help in balancing your bow.

Q: I just ran over my bow and the quiver is broken (or had some other accident). It is totally my fault. How much will it cost me to fix it?

A: $0. Send that quiver in to us and we will fix it under our Iron Clad Warranty!