is truly the first quiver to complement, not compromise, the performance of your bow!


Will Primos Founder, Primos Hunting

"TightSpot is great because it is not only simple but built to take the abuse. These quivers are adjustable to whatever arrow you choose. I’ve been using them for 7 years, and I could not make a better quiver."


Corey Jacobsen Elk101.com

"For me, there is nothing like chasing the screams of a bull elk in the back country. My hunting style is fast and light, and having equipment that fits into that category isn’t just a convenience… it’s a requirement. I’ve been using my TightSpot quiver for several years now, and it’s absolutely a necessary extension of my hunting style."


Kirk Clark Outdoor Writer

"Accurate, quiet, dependable… All the key elements I look for in a quiver."


Matt Bateman National Sales Manager Grim Reaper Broadheads

"Most quivers just hold arrows. My TightSpot quiver actually helps balance my bow, eliminates torque and dampens vibration while securely holding my arrows, literally making me a more lethal hunter!"


Randy Newberg Host Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg TV

"I get to hunt every species, in most every western state, under most every possible condition. That covers a lot of different variables. The one constant in all these hunts is the reliability and performance of my TightSpot quiver."


Roy Keefer Outdoor writer

"The TightSpot is the only quiver I’ve found that offers everything you want: adjustable balance, quiet, rugged, easily detachable and adjustable for different size arrows. I shoot the nano size arrows, and the TightSpot is the only one that gives me confidence my arrows will be held snuggly and noise-free."


Jace Bauserman Editor-In-Chief Bowhunting World

"Not only does the TightSpot quiver accommodate any arrow diameter, it also hugs the bow’s riser, improving balance and feel at full draw. The hood is ultra-durable and keeps broadheads protected and quiet."


Jeff Skousen Avid Bowhunter

"I love how the TightSpot holds and balances so well on my Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo. Thanks for a great product!"


Brian Barney Eastman’s Staff Writer

"TightSpot quivers are built back-country tough and will keep your arrows safe on the adventure hunt of a lifetime. The thing that really sets TightSpot quivers apart from others is they improve accuracy and follow through with their ‘tight to the bow’ design."


Dave Barnett Go Hunt

"Working in a bow shop has given me the unique opportunity to try and test gear for all of my western hunts. TightSpot quivers have time and time again proven themselves as the best option on the market. American made, great people, and the best warranty in the business. Why would you choose anything else?"


Brandon Reyes Director of Marketing T.R.U. Ball Archery

"The TightSpot quivers can accommodate any hunters, from novice to the most experienced. TightSpot is truly the lightest, tightest and quietest quiver money can buy!"


Keith Dvoroznak President, Ripcord Arrow Rest

"“The TightSpot is in the right spot, on my bow where it belongs. It’s balanced, the arrows don’t rattle loose, and a second arrow is there if you need it."


Kelly Deiss National Account Manager TightSpot Quivers

"Every hunt brings unexpected challenges that demand the most from your equipment. Dependable, guaranteed, and always up for the worst, TightSpot quivers are the only choice for those that rely on the best."


Chase Fulcher Hoyt and Easton Pro Staff

"I demand the best quiver in the archery industry, ‘TightSpot Quivers’. It’s light, quiet, strong, and close to my bow to provide torque-free shooting. On a 1-10 it’s a 10!"