TightSpot is the ultimate bowhunter's quiver!

The TightSpot quiver gives the bowhunter or archer four big advantages.

First, the quiver adjusts three ways for better balance. This adjustability essentially turns your quiver into a stabilizer and actually enhances your shooting.

Second, many bowhunter's routinely remove their hunting quiver while on stand because they shoot better without the quiver attached. Because TightSpot is lightweight and fits tight to the bow, torque is virtually eliminated. This means you'll never need to remove your quiver while hunting.

Third, TightSpot features an adjustable Bulldog Gripper System that allows you to tighten the grip on individual arrows. Other archery quivers tend to loosen their grip over time or in the cold, a problem you can solve with TightSpot.

And fourth, TightSpot quivers kill the noise and vibration of your bow five ways so that big buck won't "jump your string." TightSpot is the ultimate bow quiver!




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